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The JetSet are a Chicago-based music duo built around the singing and songwriting of Al Engelmann and Joanne McMahon. Their music combines elements of folk, rock and pop.

Their duet performances are always fun and amazing! The set-list includes a refreshing mix of popular and eclectic song covers, in addition to their own original music. Al plays guitar, Joanne plays keyboards, they both sing and harmonize beautifully together.

Al and Joanne first met at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, and then reconnected a few years later when they were coincidentally seated together on a business flight from Chicago to Washington DC. They had each previously released albums of their original songs, but discovered a unique creative chemistry when they began collaborating and making music together.


Some of their original songs (with more in the works!) have been recorded and released on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, and other music sites, and are also available here. Please give them a listen, add them to your favorites/playlists, and share them with your friends!


Al and Joanne also are both are members of the popular Chicago area rock & roll dance band Croozin’ the Loop!

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JetSet Media and Links...

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